Hello from Dan and Claudia in Central Washington State

We love to hunt and love the time we have with our dogs.
We have been very lucky to have found some wonderful breeders with fine quality labs that have helped us start another chapter in our lives.
Dan and I have both grown up with hunting in our lives and lucky enough to have found one another.
We both enjoy upland and waterfowl hunting and have learned along the way what we both like in our dogs.

Kanyon Kennels
Akc Labrador Retrievers

As just being a hobby kennel in Selah Washington for  years for our own pleasure and wanting to share a piece of our love, we will from time to time breed one of our dogs to keep some of our labs linage in the great northwest.

Linage of;
FC AFC Rebel with a cause, FC AFC Super Pic, MH Pistol Pete XXXI,  Cornerstones Petos SH, JH COUGAR MOUNTAIN IMA BELIEVR, MH CH TOPFORM'S EDWARD,Willey's Drake Supreme MH, CH FLD AFC Sourdough's Nick Nick, Mountain's Top Wooden Nickel MH, CH FLD AFC River Oaks Way Da Go, Fosters Wold Wollow MH, Blues Ragtime Chugach MH, BRIDGING THE GAP LINAGE, MONTANA'S CHUBS JAMES and many more just great family, service dogs, hunters and dogs that give nothing but unconditional love.

*Feel free to drop a line and see if we might have a puppy for you in the near future at DRIFTNABLAZE@AOL.COM or call 509-949-0211

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The Labrador Retriever: America’s No.1 choice
and continues to be year after year, and it’s really easy to
believe that it will continue to be forever. Having owned this
breed and experiencing the bond that stays with me, the Lab is an excellent choice for any age group, family size and situation.
This is a dog that is used as an competition dog,
service dog, guide dog, guard dog, military dog, hunting partner
and most of all  is seen in more homes than any other breed as America’s household pet of choice.
The Lab is an incredibly friendly and kind-hearted
creature that will bring joy to your life and home. Of course,
it does require input and training, and because of his energy
level as a puppy, in fact, he will continue being a puppy for
most of his life and will therefore needs stimulation
and exercise.
**partial copy of Best puppy Written by Senior Editor Peter Gehr